I’m always impressed by our fans' inventiveness and willingness to experiment with different Mason jar creations. With the help of our fans, we’ve compiled a list of your favorite ways to use reCAP. From healthful living suggestions to ideas just make life EASIER, this fantastic list of ideas will inspire both the Mason jar super fan and the newbie alike. Get ready, get inspired, and DO MORE with your Mason jars!

Top ways to use reCAP with Mason jars:

  1. Salad Dressing Container
  2. Smoothie Container
  3. Parmesan Cheese Shaker
  4. Dole Cup Hack
  5. Flour and Sugar Storage
  6. Fermentation Vessel
  7. Jam and Jelly Storage
  8. Bug Catcher
  9. Everyday Water Bottle
  10. Soap Dispenser
  11. Cupcake Sprinkle Shaker
  12. Take-to-work Yogurt Container
  13. Beans and Lentil Storage
  14. Kid’s Craft Storage
  15. Kombucha Mother Hotel
  16. DIY Bug Sprayer
  17. Ketchup Container and Pump
  18. Spaghetti Sauce Container
  19. DIY Bath Scrub Container
  20. Maple Syrup Dispenser
  21. DIY Pancake Batter Container
  22. Water Sprayer for Plants
  23. Coffee Ground Container
  24. Meal Prep Storage and Transportation
  25. Macaroni Bar
  26. Overnight Oats Container
  27. Cookie Jar
  28. Bead/Jewelry Container
  29. Loose Leaf Tea Storage
  30. Candy Jar
  31. Pickling Vessel
  32. Shaken Iced Tea Container
  33. Pet Treat Storage
  34. Fresh Herb/Spices Container
  35. Himalayan Sea Salt Shaker
  36. Shaker for Red Pepper Flakes
  37. Yarn Holder and Dispenser
  38. Housewarming Gift
  39. DIY Playdough Container
  40. Cocktail Mixer
  41. Take-to-work Soups
  42. Laundry Detergent Container
  43. Cereal Storage
  44. Omelette Prep and Shake
  45. Hershey Kiss Gift
  46. DIY Almond Milk Container
  47. DIY Nut Butter Container
  48. Juice Sip Cup
  49. Protein Powder Container
  50. Honey Container