Ready to hop on the fermentation bandwagon but don’t know where to start? Never fear! With the right tools, fermentation can be quite easy! Just grab a reCAP Fermenter, a Mason jar, and a POUR Mason jar lid to start creating good-for-you ferments.

As a fermentation newbie myself, I wanted to share an easy ferment for beginners- sauerkraut! A simple and popular Mason jar ferment, sauerkraut is tasty, easy to digest, and contains many beneficial probiotics.


reCAP Fermenter

reCAP wide mouth POUR Mason jar lid

Large wide mouth Mason jar (1.5 Liters works well)

* a Jelly jar (to weigh down the cabbage)


1 head of Napa cabbage

1⁄4 cup sea salt

1 tablespoon caraway seeds


1. Shred the cabbage. Quarter the head of cabbage and use a cheese grater for easy shredding.

2. With clean hands toss the shredded cabbage in a bowl with salt and caraway seeds. Massage the salt into the cabbage for a good 5-10 minutes until the cabbage gets watery and soft.

3. Place the salted, shredded cabbage (and any water released) into the Mason jar.

4. Add a little extra water and the rest of the salt. Make sure all of the cabbage is submerged. You can use a jelly jar or other small jar as a weight. I also placed a whole cabbage leaf on top of my shredded cabbage to keep it packed down.

5. Cap off the Mason jar with a reCAP wide mouth POUR and Fermenter then set aside for 28 days.

6. After fermentation is complete, refrigerate your sauerkraut. The reCAP POUR Mason jar lid makes it super easy to serve and store some for later!

Here’s what my Kraut looked like at days 7, 14, and 28!


Always handle fermentation tools and foods with clean hands. This is very important because you don’t want any bad bacteria getting into the ferment.

Make sure to keep the cabbage submerged while fermenting.

Don’t cook your kraut because the heat destroys the beneficial bacteria created during the ferment. Stirring sauerkraut into a warm bowl of soup or sprinkling on the top of your meal is fine. I warm my sauerkraut up by mixing some with mashed potatoes.


There are many possibilities for serving Kraut. Some creative ways to eat sauerkraut include: Tossing it in a salad, adding it to scrambled eggs, or using it in a sandwich!

Ready to make your kraut or want to learn more Fermentation Recipes? Get a Fermenter and a copy of our Fermentation eBook to start fermenting today!

Happy Fermenting,